In the novel Sophie’s World (written by Jostein Gaarder), one of the many people philosopher Alberto Knox tells his student, Sophie, about is Sigmund Freud, also known as the “father of psychoanalysis.” The idea of people having an id, ego, and superego came from Freud, which was described in the book. The human id is what one desires; the superego what they think is right; and their mind and deciding force the ego. In this photo, I captured a very basic (but common) challenge, faced by many when it comes to getting things done. While trying to do my history assignment, which was reading our textbook, I found myself becoming very distracted, to the point of almost starting to watch a show on Netflix. In this example, my desire to watch Netflix would be the Id, and doing my homework, the “right” thing to do, is the Superego. I, the ego, decided that doing my history homework was the best choice, so I gave in to my superego. This is just one of the many examples of Id v. Superego that occurs everyday.


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