Betray the Salt

A silent breeze sweeps over the mountaintops,

trees swaying in peaceful harmony.

Upon the hill lies the stone Cenacle,

and within it, ultimate chaos.


Surrounded by angry men I sit, as a man who brings

bad news to those who follow.

My robes of blue making me one of them,

those of red setting me apart.


Cries of pain, eyes filled with the look of confusion and betrayal,

looking to and fro, asking “who could it be?”

The pointing of fingers, trust wasting away with every

claim that crosses a man’s lips.


The culprit, sitting by me as I speak,

strains to hide their knowledge of future events.

You’d much rather have gold than trust,

this poor decision to be regretted in the future.


The angry men that surround me give me no guilt,

nor does the look of fear in your eyes.

He who takes the salted bread as confirmation of his deeds

will find himself a different man tomorrow.


For to betray the salt is to betray me.


Based on the the painting The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.


6 thoughts on “Betray the Salt

  1. I guess you could say this poem was… salty. But seriously, you had really good images in this and I could see the painting based on your words. I liked how you used point of view. Overall your poem was really different than mine even though we wrote about the same painting, which I think is cool. Good job!

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  2. I love your last stanza. It is so powerful. It’s very descriptive, but also visual in the sense that I understand what will happen without it being said. I also read your draft and I can definitely see the changes you made. Your poem was suspenseful; the description led up to the final scene. You did a great job!

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  3. My favorite line is “and within it, ultimate chaos.” I like this because it makes me think of a lot of things and it’s very true and relateable. I really like your poem and it had a funny humor to it. Very nice Dane Dane!

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  4. I fell bad that mine was short and you asked for more…so here it is.

    Yours was really similar to Bud’s and I like that they kind of go together in a sense, maybe because they are the same painting? Anyways, great job on the research, I can tell you did a lot, and it shows.

    your secret admirer ❤

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  5. I really liked the entire poem. I thought that the perspective you wrote from added a level of life to the painting that cant be found by looking at the painting itself! I also really liked the title and the tie in to the salt. The poem really made me think about the different personalities and motives of the men portrayed within the painting.


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